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i genuinely think im fuelled on friend energy?? like the more people i talk to the more energy i get and i get happier????? its like im absorbing ppls energy when i chat to them wow

apparently this is the definition of extrovert so now everything makes sense

Realizing you’re an extrovert is fucking magical.

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This is my spoon jar! It’s something I can turn to when I’m feeling overwhelmed and depressed and need to stay busy. 

The stress of a chronic illness plus an anxiety disorder means I need this sort of thing a lot, and I thought it’d be fun to make it a physical thing rather than just a list (there’s something nice about a cute thing you can hold, you know?). It’s inspired by those cute little “date jars” going around Pinterest—except this is for a date with myself ^^

Instead of popsicle sticks, I found some great single-use wooden spoons, which are nice and lightweight, inexpensive, and have bowls shallow enough to write on! Finding a pen that wouldn’t bleed on the wood was a bit of a challenge, but once I found it, this was super easy to make. 


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Kittens post naptime

there are tears running down my cheeks i cannot handle this amount of pure unadulterated cute someone send help

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  • me flirting: so what's the deal with having to exist as a physical entity





Prob favorite scene

I just really like it when girls are friends with girls in cartoons ;3;


UGH I’M SORRY BUT CAN I JUST TALK ABOUT HOW PERFECT THESE TWO ARE? Like look at their contrasts too, you have Starfire who’s floating has a little bounce up and down to it, while her fingers point outwards because she’s a lot more of an extrovert, and you got Raven who’s completely still who’s been meditating for years to keep her emotions in check, (her fingers point in) and WOW THIS WHOLE EPISODE WAS ABOUT HOW COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THEY WERE BUT THEY COME TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER AND RESPECT HOW THEY CHOOSE TO ACT AND TEEN TITANS WAS REALLY gREAT OKAY

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The location of common rooms

  • Gryffindor: Tower! The highest fucking tower, fuck yeah! TOWER!
  • Hufflepuff: But don't you think that's a bit far away from everything, they'll have to climb dozens of stairs every day...
  • Gryffindor: TOWER!
  • Hufflepuff: Oh, for the love of...
  • Slytherin: I'm going for under the lake, LIKE A SUPER-SECRET LAIR!
  • Hufflepuff: But Salazar, won't that be a bit dreary? And we'll have to add dozens of charms to keep it dry, it will take loads of magic...
  • Slytherin: Super. Secret. Lair.
  • Hufflepuff: Fine! Fine, we'll spend bloody hours drying out some rooms under the lake, Merlin. Rowena, what about you?
  • Ravenclaw: Tower.
  • Hufflepuff: But...all the stairs, the isolation from the other houses...
  • Ravenclaw: Exactly. They'll focus better if they're miles away from everything else. Also, anything he can build, I can build better.
  • Hufflepuff: Seriously? You're going to compete over towers?
  • Gryffindor: GOING DOWN ROWENA!
  • Slytherin: Underground is better.
  • Hufflepuff: For fuck's sake, I give up. If anyone wants me, I'll be in the kitchens.



Other than watching Orphan Black with friend-person in the evening, I have no plans! So I’ll probably actually have time to do some leisurely grocery shopping and apply for more jobs! Also, I’m gonna make some feminist patches!

But let’s face it, I’m probably going to spend most of my time fucking around on the internet.